Baby Rose

I've known Rose's family for a while now. we've had a few family sessions together over the last few years, and they always make me smile!

I was booked in for some newborn photos a week or so after she arrived. I was really looking forward to it!

A few more family members arrived about half way through the session so we could get some of everyone together.

Rose was a little unsettled on the day of the shoot, and although we got some lovely photos, I knew she wasn't her usual contented self, so I arranged to pop back a few days later and get a few more photos.

All my newborn sessions take place in your home. I ask you to have a little think about the light and space in your house, and which rooms would be best for us to use. I allow plenty of time for these sessions incase your little one needs a change, a feed or a bit of a cuddle.

There is never any pressure, I always work in quite a relaxed way and my aim is just to capture some natural special little moments with your tiny new human.

For more information about my newborn sessions you can check out my website here, or contact me.

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